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Printing Round 2

So I shared the box full of decks of Lost World Lunch cards I had printed up for the playtest in the First Exposure Hall at GenCon. Then, ran another playtest last Sunday (posted some of the pictures for that as well). And of course, what happens, I find something else I want to change! That is the worst part about the lead up to finally launching the product. I spend time to get real material put together for conventions so the players won’t feel like their playing some half-baked Frankenstein’s monster of a game (perception has a very powerful effect on the players). If you show up like a professional and act like one during the demo games, people take it more seriously.


But I digress, so now I am working on replacing a few of the cards, sending them back to the printer, and hoping to get them back in before I leave. Of course there is a back-up plan, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

On top of getting Lost World Lunch ready, I’m using the upcoming holiday weekend to spend more time on Not All Blood Runs Red. I probably won’t have professionally printed cards ready for this since I don’t even have artwork started. For now I’m digging up stock photos to give a rough idea of what they will look like. I’ll print these myself and slip them into card sleeves to make playing a bit easier.


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