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Two thugs burst into the office with guns blazing. I barely dive for cover in time. Tommy “The Rat” is not so lucky as three slugs make Swiss cheese out of his gut. I pull my twin .45s from beneath my coat and rise with both guns spitting death…

Welcome to the hideout for Rattrap Productions. Rattrap Productions is a game company whose products are designed to evoke the genres of the golden age of pulp magazines. From masked heroes and courageous explorers to hooded villains and dangerous madmen, the pulp genre is filled with colorful characters battling it out in gritty cities and exotic locations. On our website you will find information about our various miniatures games, like .45 Adventure: Thrilling Action in the Pulp Era. We refer to these games as “narrative adventures.” They are part role-playing game and part miniatures game. For us, the fun is not only in winning, but  also in telling a great story. These games focus more on the individual characters that players create and less on hordes of nameless troops – though we do use them as fodder for your heroes and villains to battle. You can read more about these games in our store (this is still under construction so it may be a couple of weeks before all the information is back up.)

We are also working on a pulp era diceless miniatures game called Thrilling Adventure. We now have a set of playtest rules ready for players to comment upon. Just click this link ThrillingAdventurePlaytest and you’ll be taken to the PDF.


Along with our own games, we have partnered with Brigade Games to produce some larger scale historical and skirmish games under the Sinister Laboratories imprint.

To find out the latest on what is going on, be sure to check out The Bullpen. In “pulp speak” the bullpen was how publishers referred to their staff writers. Here we put all the latest happenings, written, of course, by our staff writers (okay, staff is really limited to just 1 or 2 people but it does sound a bit more impressive). The Blackmarket is not only our shop, but also a place where you can find FREE demo versions of some of the rule sets. Feel free to take a look around and use the Pneumatic Tube to provide feedback. The site is still being rebuilt after the loss of the previous site, so a lot still needs to be done.