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Desolate Front – Other Card Types

i have spent the last three days working on other card ideas. These are cards that are more than just bonuses to attack or defend. What was interesting was that once the first idea came up, the rest started to come quickly. 

So the first one that started the cascade was SNIPE. This is played with either of the two Ranged Attack options. It is essentially a Wound Wild Card. It can be whatever you need it to be. So if you don’t have a Head Wound, it can be that; if you need a Leg Wound instead, it’s now that. 

Some cards affect the Territories you are trying to take. Some affect your characters, some the opponent’s. When you have a limited pool of cards, planning the correct ones is important. Getting wild cards becomes necessary. Once I have some artwork done for these, I’ll be sure to share a card example.