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Would you pay to play test?

Would you pay for an unfinished playtest set? I want to try and get as much as feedback as possible and having offered free playtest material very often in the past and I have gotten very little feedback. I was thinking of trying something different and charging $1 for the playtest set. However, If you email back answers to a set of questions, you would receive a limited edition scenario card. This card would not be part of any set offered for sale in the future but it would also not make any faction more powerful, since, as a scenario card, it would be available to anyone. It would really just be an interesting card you could play the game with. Also, the money raised from this would be used to help fund the card set (sort of like my own version of Kickstarter, but you would actually get something besides recognition for your tiny donation). It makes sense to me, but I am biased and want your thoughts.