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Thrilling Rules: Cover and Other Things

In preparation for the big Thrilling Adventure play test games at GenCon (and I call them big because they will be the first public play test games… up till now they have all been held with a select group of play testers), I am going to post some musings on the rules as they stand. I welcome any comments of questions. You can post here on the blog, email them, or put them up on Facebook. Feel free to ask anything, even if it is not related to what the current post is about.

One of the rules that I went back and forth on was what to do about “cover.” It is such an integral part of most miniatures games. You move about, trying to stay in cover so the enemy can’t shoot you. You stay behind the wall so that you can’t be seen and targeted by an opposing model. But at the same time, cover could prove contentious. I know we have all had arguments over whether a model should be given a cover bonus because only part of it is behind the wall. How much is enough to get the bonus? Half? A third? I’ve played games against guys who said they could target a model behind a wall because they could see his spear point sticking out.

For Thrilling Adventure I did away with it completely. There is no cover bonus. A model’s defense incorporates its ability to use available cover to its benefit and a model’s attack score incorporates its ability to ignore the cover a target is using. I can hear the wails of anguish already!

But besides eliminating the pervasive arguments over how much of a figure has to be blocked in order  to get the cover bonus, this will allow “heroes” to act a bit more like heroes and charge into the enemy without dodging from crate to crate or bush to bush. They can throw themselves in with bullets whizzing all around them and take on the minions of the evil overlord.

Since the rules are still in playtest and things could change, I am not close-minded about making changes, I’ll entertain whatever discussions people set forth either for or against a rule like this.

That is it for this installment. Again, feel free to ask any questions you want and I’ll be sure to add them to the list of topics to cover here.

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