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Thrilling Playtest #3 Prep Work

I am getting ready for the third playtest of Thrilling and since this will be local for me, I am trying to paint up some metal miniatures for all the heroes of the dungeon crawl. Currently I’m working on the Wizard. I wanted a paint scheme that would represent that he’s a wizard but would still seem practical for an adventurer. So, I went with a deep crimson/burgundy robe color and had him wear brown and green over it for traveling. He’s about halfway finished and I should have the rest done in a week or so. Of course, the game is in just over a week, so I better hope I get him done or else he’ll look a bit odd next to all the other painted figures. The figure is one I picked up from GenCon at the Dark Sword Miniatures booth. I don’t see him listed on the site but he was one of the GenCon releases so he may not be available on the website yet. I really like the Dark Sword line for characters. The figures are well done and in my opinion, well worth the price. I have one finished  already and another in the queue. Wizard

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