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Thrilling: Morale Rules

I realized while driving last night that I had failed to include the Morale rules in the latest Thrilling update. I had them done, but apparently they were not in the file I was working from and so did not make it into the PDF. So, rather than have people download another copy, here are the Morale rules.


Whenever a model or unit of models suffers a wound, then a Moral test must be taken. The number of successes required to pass a morale test is equal to the number of wounds suffered. For example, if a a unit of  5 Grade 1 models takes 2 wounds (effectively losing two models), then they must get at least 2 successes on the morale roll. They will roll a number of Red dice equal to their current Hero Points total. The unit of 5 above has lost 2 models and they are 1 Hero Point models, so they will roll 3 Red dice and if they get at least 2 successes then they will pass.

If a model(s) do not roll the required number of successes then on their next activation they can only use a Move Action card and the model must move away from any enemy models. At the end of the model’s next activation it can again attempt to Rally by rolling at least one success using their current number of morale dice. If the model is given no Activation Card, then it cannot attempt to Rally.


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