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Thrilling: Fantasy Version.2 Now Available for FREE!

I have just uploaded the new version (.2) of the Thrilling: Fantasy playtest rules. There are 6 new model types added (3 different goblins, skeletons, a Necromancer, and a Giant Spider). And there are now 36 Equipment and Skill cards. That is double what version .1 had in it. There have been some other changes to the rules as well with some modifications to the dice mechanics that I think will make things easier, the addition of rules for spell casting, and a few changes to how Skill cards are allotted. All in all, I really like the changes so far and I think you will enjoy them as well.

Here is the direct link to the rules in the store: http://www.rattrapproductions.com/shop/thrilling-fantasy-miniatures-rules-beta/#tab-description

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