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Thrilling Fantasy First Playtest

The first playtest went better than I expected. I had 3 other players besides myself. All are experienced miniature gamers and 2 of them I just met at the game, so they had no preconceived notions of what to expect (though one person did say the game better be fun before we even started – so only a little pressure there). It took about 15 minutes to explain the rules and I had to refresh a couple of points throughout the game. Still, all the basic concepts were easily remembered and the players quickly took to the card activation system and the mechanics for combat.

Now, I had asked everyone to let me know the army they wanted to play so I had to make up some new rules on the fly as I had not expected someone would bring ghosts and another a flying unit. Yet, it felt like the mechanics leant themselves very easily to these things.

Soon the troops were on the move and the mayhem started. For the FIRST TIME EVER in a game I created, I drew first blood. It was only one lowly Black Guard but it still felt like a major victory to me. You can see pictures from the game (only done with a camera phone so no great quality shots) in the gallery here:


Did I discover some flaws, yes. But they seemed minor and the fixes for them were fairly obvious. I am going to work on an updated version of the rules and add a few more things and hopefully have it available for upload in a week or two.