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Thrilling Adventure Rules on 2 pages?

In working on the rules for Thrilling Adventure, diceless miniatures game, my goal is to get the rules down to the smallest form possible. That means, if all goes well, the rules will be a single, double sided sheet of paper.

For that to work, I have to make sure the information needed will all be on the cards that will be used. A lot of the time I have been spending on these rules has been spent determining what is needed and what can be abstracted. For example, I am not going to have specific rules for cover. It is assumed that models are using the available cover to the best of their ability. cover, is therefore, built into the weapon bonuses.

This also will do away with player argument over whether a figure is in cover if on,y it’s leg is behind a wall. I still have to play is out, and there may be exceptions to the rule where models in a bunker ¬†receive some kind of bonus.

I hope to have the next playtest in a week. If i do, you can be sure images and commentary will be posted.