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Thrilling Adventure Engine Rules

I have finished the basic version of the rules for the Thrilling Adventure engine. There might be some minor refinement that occurs as I work on the Faction decks, but I am putting the rules up here for people to read and comment on.

These rules are being referred to as an engine. They will form the basis on which the Faction and Scenario decks are built. Different sets will be branded as different games (such as what I did with .45 Adventure, Fantastic Worlds, Gloire, and Broadsword Adventures.) However, unlike these previous games, the Thrilling Adventure Engine will only need to be downloaded once. You won’t get a rehash of the rules with different games.

Card_Action_Final2The first thing to know about this engine is that you will need an Action Deck to play. The Action Deck will also be generic and can be used by any of the games built on it. The Action Deck consists of 36 cards that provide the information needed to activate your characters and units. They also provide results for morale and wounds.

Second, you will need to have a faction deck. Whether you are playing a Pulp game or something else, you’ll need the cards for your faction. I’ll talk more about them in a later post once I finish the first two faction I am working on for the Strange Trench Tales (the pulp style World War I game that will be first on the list).

The final deck, which is optional, is the Scenario deck. This contains the random events (both good and bad) that the players cannot predict. Within each scenario deck will also be three goals that the players will be striving toward. Scenario decks will come as 36 card decks as well and you will only need to purchase those scenarios that you are interested in. There will be no rules within a scenario deck that require you to buy them in order to be competitive with your opponent.

The rules that are attached below will always be FREE. If I update or make changes, you’ll just be able to download the new version without having to buy anything new. The Action, Faction, and Scenario decks will be put up for sale as both card decks and PDFs that you can print and cut yourself.

I’ll be putting the Action Deck up for sale soon and then PDFs for the first two factions and a scenario deck shortly after that. Download the rules below and please post any comments or questions you may have. I realize that it will be hard to evaluate without the required card decks initially. I’ll work to get them up as quick as possible.


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