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The Character Card for Thrilling Adventure

Card_CharacterSo I have showed off the Action Card and the Event card. Now I am showing some of the details for the Character Card. Obviously I am showing off our signature character, The Gargoyle. There is still work going on behind the scenes so you will notice that “Text copy to go here” is in two places. At the top will be a points value and add-on bonus for the character. The points value is for the character and the add-on bonus is how many additional points you can add to him with skill, equipment, and special Action cards. The text at the bottom will be details of some special abilities that the character comes with.

On the left of the card are the stats. The names should be familiar to anyone who has played our .45 Adventure rules, however their use will be a little different. On the right is both a wound and morale track. If you remember our Action card (see this post) you will know that when a wound card is drawn it could have one of 5 results: Grazing, Superficial, Serious, Critical or Morale Check. Each time the model is wounded, the player marks off one of the corresponding wounds based on the card or cards drawn. The thing about wounds is that you can take lesser wounds and still keep going, even if an entire section (such as Grazing) is crossed off. However, regardless of whether you have grazing or superficial wounds left, if all the boxes on the character’s highest wound level are marked off, the model is removed. So, in the case of the Gargoyle, if an opposing player were lucky enough to draw 3 Serious wounds The Gargoyle would be removed, even if he had taken no Superficial or Grazing wounds yet.

As for Morale, the model can draw a number of cards based on their morale and the number of wounds they have taken. In the case of the Gargoyle, if he were unwounded, he would draw 3 cards if asked to take a morale test. As long as one of those cards was a Morale Pass, then he passes. If he were to have 1-2 Grazing, Superficial, and/or Serious wounds, he would still draw 3 cards. If, however, he were to have all his Grazing Wounds marked off, he would lose that Morale card and on any future tests would only draw 2 cards.

If you’re going to GenCon, you’ll get to see these cards in action. Even if you are not able to get into the game, feel free to stop by, watch a few turns, ask questions or, if you’re up for REALLY late night gaming try and convince me to stay around past midnight and run a game for you.

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