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Strange Trench Tales Pre-Release Update

BabaYagaStill working on getting all the pre-release cards ready. I have the Russian faction done and working on the Turkish. It’s going a bit slower as I try to make sure I have all the formulas working correctly. One misplaced number and a 30 point model goes to 20 points!

I have determined that the PDF pre-release, which will not have artwork, will be $10. You can put that $10 toward the final release (either print or PDF). What you will get is a PDF that contains:

2-Page rule sheet (and you will never need to buy the rules again, even if I update them as they will always be a FREE download).
2 X 36-card Action Decks
1 X 18-card Russian Faction
1 X 18-card Turkish Faction
BONUS: Only people who take part in the pre-release will get a 36-card generic WWI Scenario card PDF FREE! It will cost everyone else $12 to get this deck. This generic set will include – 3 Objective cards, 6 false objective cards, and 27 Event cards (barb wire, artillery strikes, smoke, gas and more).

I’ll keep posting updates as I get closer. Hopefully this will all be ready soon.

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