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Store Stock Issue Fixed

I put a lot of stuff up on the store and after it goes up, don’t really look at it. Well, it seems that for the last six months, all the things I have been putting up in the Bazaar have been showing as Out of Stock because I had ONE setting set to Out of Stock at 1 instead of 0. Really, how stupid is that. I’ve probably had a handful of people looking to pick up a die cast vehicle or maybe one of the miniatures I put up, only to go to the page and see it listed as out of stock. This is apparently a new feature in the commerce software so it was not something I had to set originally and, because the updates to the software go automatically, I never even looked at it. I guess I have learned that lesson now.

Anyway, if you’re interested in any of the items I have been putting up in the Bazaar over the past several months, take a look back. Anything that was up, now has a Stock of 1 on hand. ¬†And let me see if I can get a few more things up tonight (like the two items below).