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Thrilling Adventure Playtest Rules


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If you are looking for a fully realized game, this is not it.

These are playtest rules that we are making available to customers to test the game. If you purchase this PDF, you will receive a set of basic rules for the game that are still in beta testing, 33 cards (many still with art incomplete or missing) that you will need to cut out yourself, and a playtest notes sheet. In the hopes of getting more feedback and gauging the interest level, we are charging $1 for this product (the idea being that if you have actually invested something in the product you are more likely to want to make comments on it). Think of this as more of our own mini-crowd funding project.

The Thrilling Adventure Card Game will eventually allow players to play one of two factions through multiple locations. Each will try to beat the other through 4 locations, attempting to claim the ultimate prize of the scenario. Along with physical attacks on each others characters, players will be able to issue Brains or Agility Challenges, throw unexpected Events at one another, or even turn the tables and have a well-planned surprise backfire. The future launch of the game will include 108 cards as well as rules. At the same time we will release at least one expansion for it either adding new factions or a new scenario or possibly even both depending on the response to the game.