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Army Lists 1: European Theater for CLA 3rd Edition (PDF)



This is the PDF version of Army Lists 1: Contemptible Little Armies 3rd Edition. If you wish to purchase the physical book, please select the Book Form of the rules. After purchasing this PDF you will be directed to a link to download your copy. By purchasing this PDF, you agree this is for personal use and will not be disseminated in print or electronic form to any other party.

This book builds on the lists provided in the main rulebook and breaks down some of the armies by years, since armies at the start of the war often did not resemble their organization at the middle and end of the war. This book can be used for battles on both the Eastern and Western fronts.

Introduction: Using the Lists
Part One: The Entente
1) The British Army, 1914
2) The British Army, 1915–1918
3) The French Army, 1914
4) The French Army, 1915–1917
5) The French Army, 1918
6) The Allies in Macedonia, 1915–1918
7) The Belgian Army
8) The Russian Army
9) The Serbian Army, 1914–1915
10) The Serbian Army, 1916–1918
11) The Montenegrin Army, 1914–1915
12) The Italain Army
13) The Rumanian Army
14) The Greek Army
15) The Portuguese Army
16) The US Army, 1917–1918
Part Two: The Central Powers
1) The German Army, 1914
2) The German Army on the Western Front, 1915–1916
3) The German Army on the Western Front, 1917–1918
4) The German Army on the Eastern Front, 1915–1918
5) The Austro-Hungarian Army, 1914–1916
6) The Austro-Hungarian Army, 1917–1918
7) The Turkish Army
8) The Bulgarian Army
Quick Reference Lists for The Entente
Quick Reference Lists for the Central Powers