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Thrilling Expeditions: Valley of the Thunder Lizard (PDF)


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This is the PDF version of the rules. By purchasing these, you will receive a link to download the rules, not a printed book.

Thrilling Expeditions: Valley of the Thunder Lizard was the first of the multi-game titles. Within it were rules that allowed you to use dinosaurs, ancient mammals, the movie-style cavemen, even fictional humanoid lizards called Saurians within .45 Adventure (1st Edition), Gloire, and Fantastic Worlds. Some new rules were provided for those systems as well as some new archetypes and special abilities.

The book also contains 4 scenarios:

The Golden Goddess of Lost Daer’Ashu (.45 Adventure 1st Edition)
The Saurians of the Lost Jungle (.45 Adventure 1st Edition)
Treasure of the Tyrant King (Gloire)
Peril of the Prehistoric Planet (Fantastic Worlds)