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Scenario Cards

One of the things that is similar between .45 Adventure and Thrilling Adventure is the use of random events to help spring traps and such on the players. For Thrilling Adventure, they have been slightly altered in that players will be drawing cards to use against other players or as a benefit for themselves. It makes the cards much less game controlled and far more player controlled (which is something I wanted). I’m going to have nearly 36 scenario cards for the GenCon playtest games. It may seem like a lot, but with 6 players, it means that each player will play less than 6 cards over the course of the game.

And again, like .45 Adventure, MOST of the cards are not designed to kill opposing models, but to delay them or force them to burn resources they need. One of the categories of Scenario card is the Guardian. The guardian can be any creature that pops up to foil all players. It can be as simple as a junkyard dog to as nasty as the Flying Polyp below! When these appear, the player who caused it to appear places it within 3″ of another model. For it to act, the player who placed it draws a card from their Action deck and uses the values on it for the action. At the beginning of the next turn, players bid for control of the Guardians on the board. They play a card from their Action Hand and whoever plays a higher value, can control the Guardian for that turn. The one exception is that a Guardian already in base contact with a model, must attack it.


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