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Prepping for Playtest

I’m working on getting some heroes painted for the Thrilling playtest (you can click the link to get to the free playtest rules) on Wednesday and while I wait for stuff to dry, I decided to pull out some of the “bad guys” that will appear. Don’t worry about the placement. I’m going to move things around for the real game. This is just to see how it looks all laid out.

I’m going to be trying out some new rules and the single card option. Each player will get a hero to run on a single card and a sheet with all the Special Abilities on it. I’ll post pictures of the fun in progress after the game.

Image No. 1 shows three of our intrepid heroes approaching a door. A few goblins hide behind that door, waiting to pounce on some easy prey.
No 2 shows a big ol’ rat swarm. Not very powerful but able to slow the heroes down and waste precious time.
No. 3 shows a bunch of orcs with a powerful leader waiting for the first unfortunate soul to pass through the door.
No. 4 shows a bunch of bugbears waiting in what was once an old chapel.\
No. 5 has the two-headed behemoth… an Ettin.



3_Orcs 4_Bugbears





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