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Playtest Thrilling Adventure Rules Available.

HeroesThe playtest version of Thrilling Adventures is now available for FREE download. The goal of these rules is to provide players with a straight “out of the box” way to play a pulp game. You’ll have all the stats on the character and unit cards and you will have cards that allow you to add equipment, abilities and special actions to your characters or units.There will be no prep time of figuring out characters or putting force lists together. Also, the rules you need to know, for the most part, fit on a single double-sided page. Different scenarios might have different special rules, but those are on a case by case basis.

And feedback. I would love any and all feedback (with exceptions shown below). The more comments I get, the better I can make the game. Just keep in mind the goal is not to end up needing a 20-page rulebook to play. It should be simple to play, but complex to master.

There are a few of things you should know before you sit down to start using these rules.

1) You do not need dice. I know I’ve lost half of you after you have read that, but if you can keep an open mind, give the rules a try. You might find you don’t need dice for every miniatures game.

2) These are playtest rules. Approach them as a work in progress and if you have questions, please ask (on our Facebook page or email me at raj@rattrapproductions.com). I have tried to make things clear within the rules sheets, but if something is not, I’d like to know so I can address it.

3) There are only 9 Character Cards per faction whereas the final decks will have 36 and offer a lot of customization. Please don’t write in to tell me that there aren’t enough choices for the characters. I know that and I hope to release a few more after GenCon so that you can try different combinations.

4) Ignore the point costs on the cards. They are rough guides and still need a lot of refinement.

5) There are only 24 Action Cards supplied. The final deck will have 36.

6) You have 22 Scenario Deck Cards. A full deck will come with 36. You may want to play around with the number you use depending on how long you want the game to run. Two of the cards do not go into the Scenario deck to be drawn, but are Guardian Stat Cards that appear based on the Scenario cards that are played.

7) There are no rules for cover. I know that seems odd for a miniatures game but the game assumes that all models are always taking the best advantage of the available terrain and only occasionally (specific Scenario card) will they get a bonus to their Defense.

8) There are no units in this playtest demo set, only characters. I will add a unit to each of the factions after GenCon.


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