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Playtest of New Rules

I was able to attend Cold Wars this year and for the first tie was able to play in some games instead of just running them. I brought along my nephew, who is 11. So when I went looking for games, I looked for ones that would be fun for him.

I found one that used no dice and used cards to resolve all the action. It was amazingly fun and got me thinking that I could go diceless with the new Thrilling rules. I know some of you find the thought of a miniatures game with no dice to be sacriligious, but I hav to say, that having a bit more control of the outcome allows for some interesting ideas.

The first playtest last night went about as expected. The numbers are still a little off so there was not nearly as much “killing” as there will be. But on the final turn of the game, the Hybrid High Priest fell to a hail of gunfire from The Gargoyle and the New Commerce police.

I also changed the Encounter system so that more can go on and it’s more in the players’ control. Each turn every player gets to draw an Event card. These events are played immediately. Clues or goals can be placed by the players at any predesignated spots. Cards that are “Nothing” can also be played on these spots to deny your opponent having a clue close to them.

Here are some images from the game and I’ll be posting more as I expound on the deals.


Rats attack



Mooks vs. Hybrids