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PAX East 2015 and Thrilling Factions

The Post Convention Mental Notebook

IMG_0997If you’re like me (and probably most other gamers) you get home from a convention brimming with ideas. Whether it’s thoughts on how to work a new mechanic if you’re a designer or just what cool new table you want to create for your next game, your mental notebook is crammed with stuff. I see Joe McGuire over at World’s End Publishing is posting all kinds of stuff about his time running his new game This is Not a Test at Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA. I had planned to be there as well running a Strange Trench Wars game (using the Thrilling Adventure Engine) but was offered the opportunity to attend PAX East in Boston.

Having never gone to a PAX show, I wanted to get some idea of what the convention would be like and whether it is one that I should add to my rotation (the others being GenCon and Fall In.) The experience was definitely worthwhile. Though it is more computer-centric than other conventions I attend, I found the crowd to be diverse and there were more than enough people interested in the board/card/miniature games that it could be a good crowd for me to showcase the new card games I’m working on. I’ll probably make a decision after GenCon in August.

But getting back to my mental notebook… I saw a lot of things that really intrigued me and spent both nights after the con closed, back in my room and jotting the thoughts down before I lost them. Most of the ideas I have not even had time to discuss with the people who act as my sounding board, but I’m confident they will improve everything I’m working on.


Strange Trench Tales Factions

One of the pieces that finally got worked out for me is what will be included in the first Faction deck that is released. It’s going to be a combo of Russian/Turk to start. I’ll probably release them separately and with additions later, but this is a good way to enter the game with two factions set to go. The Action deck will sell for $12. This dual faction deck will sell for $10. I’ll do a combo of 2 Action decks and the Faction deck for $25 (that’s 108 cards). I’ll also be releasing 2 scenario decks as FREE PDFs so that you can get started right away. Down the line I’ll be adding Australians, German Advisors and Arabs as I concentrate on the Middle East theater initially.

The Russian Faction
Boris: Russian Leader
Anatoly: Shock Trooper Hero
Father Superior: Russian Priest
Baba Yaga: Russian Supernatural
1x Shock Trooper Unit
3xRussian Trooper Unit
4xCharacter Special Ability cards
2xUnit add-on cards
2xFaction Specific Action cards

The Turkish Faction
Kamal: Turkish Leader
Kadir: Turkish Hero
Turkish Assassin
Egyptian Mummy: Turkish supernatural
1xTurkish Elite Unit
3xTurkish Trooper Unit
4xCharacter Special Ability cards
2xUnit add-on cards
2xFaction Specific Action cards

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