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Old is New

About 2-3 years ago I built some 1′ x 1′ boards to use with a Lost Worlds game for Cold Wars. The boards were decent but I never did anything else with them. Last weekend I started cleaning up the storage area and came across these tiles and thought they would be great to use with the new game. So, I pulled one out and started doing some work to it. The boards are a cork layer on top of 2 layers of foam. I then added a PVC sheet layer to the bottom to act as the base. After that, I drilled holes into the cork and foam and inserted some PVC tubing so that I could add and remove trees as needed. This is the first tile, set up with the trees and a couple of bushes and some ruins for a shot. I’m going to create some river tiles as well so that I can have all kinds of fun on them.

Board1 CloseUp1

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