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Large Scale Figures (in game?)

I have recently come into possession of a large number of 1:32 and 1:18 World War II figures (which includes soldiers and vehicles). I have been trying to decide what to do with them and some of the ones in better condition have been going up on ebay (and some, along with some GI Joes will be going up in the Bazaar on this site). Some, are a little worse for wear and I have been thinking I might try and run a large scale game at Cold Wars 2013 or maybe a local convention here in New Jersey in July. If I decide to do this, I’ll probably go with a Weird War II scenario which means I’ll need to come up with some figures in either scale that could be good for that (anyone know of any large scale zombies?) If you have thoughts about that, post them over on Facebook and I’ll do some more digging and be sure to post more when I decide what I am going to do.