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How NABRR Differs from Desolate Front

First of all, the two games will differ in way too many aspects to cover them all, but I did want to share the rough of a character card for Not All Blood Runs Red: The Desolate Front Miniatures Game. The biggest difference is that there are only three symbols (1 color only instead MajStewartof each symbol in 2 colors). And next to the symbols are numbers. Because there are times when I just like rolling dice, the numbers represent the number of d6s you roll for either attack or defense. Major Stewart, when he attacks with his pistol rolls 4d6. Now if you look at the top of the card, underneath his name, you will see the designation Human – Officer (4+). This indicates that on any d6 roll he makes a 4, 5, or 6 counts as a success.

Underneath the image are some additional information points for him. His pistol has a range of 12″ and his close combat attack counts as an Arcane attack (this is important when dealing with Fae and netherworld creatures).

And finally at the bottom is his Wound Tracker (this is still really rough). As a character he has 4 wounds. Models in units may only have 1. When a target takes wounds, the attacking player will draw wound tokens from a bag. If the wound token drawn already matches one on the character, then no wound is taken. So, though the character has only 4 wounds, simply hitting him 4 times may not be enough to remove him.

Each faction will also come with upgrades for their characters and possibly some for their units (I’m still working on that). In the case of Major Stewart here, you can see that his Casting Attack has 1d6. Unless he has a Spell card attached to him, that doesn’t have any effect. But if you pay the points to add, say, a Wall of Thorns… he could potentially drop a barrier in front of himself or an opposing unit. The difficulty of the spell will determine how many successes are needed to cast it. This also means that with his 1d6, he cannot cast many spells without a boost to his power (which is also something that could be added to him).

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