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GenCon Wrap Up

Back home late last night and was so jazzed from the trip that despite running on about 4 hours of sleep, I just had to stay up and do some work on the store. But, before I get to that, let me talk about my GenCon experience. Though I do go to play games, mostly I want to look and see what people are coming out with. I played some older games and some newer ones with people I knew at night but during the day, it was really all research (you’d be surprised how easy it is to qualify shopping Geekvanna-that’s Geek Nirvanna to you-as research.) Though I saw some miniatures companies at the show, it seems that the bulk of what is coming out is card and board games. Hopefully, by the time I finish Thrilling Adventure: The Card Game, people will not have moved on to something else.

And speaking of Thrilling Adventure, I was able to get some good playtests in and I think with a few minor tweaks, I will be able to get a demo version ready for download by this fall. Now, I have mentioned the game a lot, I have showed cards for it, but what is it about? Thrilling Adventure pits 2-4 players against each other in a fight through 4 locations. Each location has a different effect. So not only will players have to determine what their opponent might do, but they have to plan for the location as well. The game will be released with two factions. Leading the Heroes will be Emerson P. Balldridge and heading up the evil faction will be Emile Lusk. This will NOT be a collectible game, but it will be a deck building game.

I don’t have a release date planned as there is still a LOT of artwork that needs to be created and purchased.

I know this is not much of a GenCon write-up, but there are other people who cover the convention much better than me.