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GenCon will be here before I know it!

I have plans to run a LOT of games of Desolate Front at GenCon. In fact, most of Friday and Saturday will be spent running games (as long as I have the players). But with that being said, I have a lot to get done between now and June/July. I need to go in and make sure the two pre-built sides for the game are balanced. I need to get a lot more artwork done. I need to make sure the scenario deck has enough cool effects to keep the players guessing.

On top of that, Lost World Lunch is ready and I just need to type of the rule sheet and get the PDF up for that on my website and on DriveThruCards. The PDF will be to determine interest and solicit feedback. If the interest is there, then I’ll go to Kickstarter for a print release.

Finally, I want to get some work done on Not All Blood Runs Red: The Desolate Front Miniatures Game. The rules for it are all in outline form and it is just a matter of getting them down.

That’s three big projects all clamoring for attention. I just need to keep focused for the next few months and I should be in good shape. Now, time to get back to taxes (I’m writing this to avoid working on them in case you didn’t know).