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Event Cards

So last time I talked about cover and how radically different I was going with it. This time I am going to talk about Event Cards. If you are familiar with .45 Adventure, you know that a key component of the game is the Encounter Cards. Encounter markers are spread about the board and players draw a card whenever they reach one. Well, I like the randomness and surprise that these cards create and so the idea was ported over to Thrilling Adventure, though in a slightly modified way.

Encounter Markers will still be placed on the board, but rather than cards being drawn once a model has reached one, players draw an Event card at the beginning of their turn. This card could have one of several things on it, like:

• Clue (the things you are looking for to win the scenario)
• Nothing (there is nothing at one of the markers)
• Trap (something to slow you down)

Card_EventThe difference between the two games is that if you draw a Clue or Nothing card you can designate which marker you want to apply it to (obviously clues placed on markers close to you and nothing played on markers close to your opponent). But Traps you play on opposing models. So, let’s say you draw a Pit card, you can designate an opposing character or unit that triggers the pit.

This has proven one of the best things about the new game as players have enjoyed dropping traps on their opponent rather than just trying to avoid them themselves.

Another change to the Event cards is that not every trap will be able to be played the first time it is drawn. Some require certain conditions to be met. For example, in the Warehouse scenario I ran, there were some cards that could only be played in the warehouse and some that could only be played in the office section of the warehouse. This results in two things happening, first, some cards end up being unplayed initially and put back into the deck to hopefully be played later and two, players had to keep moving to avoid being in an area that was about to be targeted.

So above is a sample of an Event Card that I’ll be using at GenCon. I’m trying to incorporate a little atmosphere along with the actual rules of the event. Some references, like the Trigger, will be on a scenario sheet that will come with the eventual deck.

I think that’s all I got right now.

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