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Dungeon Building

The playtest for Thrilling Fantasy went well and I have been encouraged to schedule another round soon. Since I want to give these new rules the full test, I decided that the next game would give the players just two models each (they had about 30 for the first game). The players would work together against a GM/Random control dungeon. Each player would have a hero and a squire or follower. Now, I would love to use a 3D dungeon, but my Kickstarter Dwarven Forge tiles won’t arrive until October (bummer). And since this is just a play test, I did not want to spend the time building a dungeon when I would rather work on the rules. So I decided to get a 2′ x 3′ map printed (about $34 from uprinting.com). I did want to add some 3D elements though since this is a miniatures game. So, I blew the dust off my tools and set to work

Here is the map I will be using (it’s okay if the players see it, knowing the layout won’t help them much).

DungeonThe first thing I wanted to do was create some doors to show where the entrance to the rooms are. And, I wanted to be able to represent open and closed doors. With that in mind, I pulled out some scrap PVC sheet (if you have never used the stuff, find a place to get it and you’ll be ecstatic!) I then found two PVC H-Beam scraps about 2″ tall. I glued them to a piece of the PVC sheet to act as the base. I glued them about an inch apart. Then, I took a piece of balsa and sized it to slide within the grooves. Now, I can slide the door out when it is open, or leave it in to shot it is closed. Still a bunch of work to do on this first sample. I think I will sculpt a little bit of all up each side to add stability and give it a better visual appeal.

And here is the first shot of the door-in-progress.




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