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Desolate Front Card Game Character Design

Have not shared a real status on the progress of Desolate Front in a while. As I am getting ready for Dreamation 2016 in a couple of weeks, most of the big updates will come after that (and by big I mean, I’ll probably share more about how the playtests went and the status of the rules).

For now, here is the current look for the character cards. I have artwork for all the British characters finished and most of the German characters (only showing off one of each below but you can see the rest over on the Rattrap Facebook page).

The one thing that is more than just an ascetic decision is the addition of the wound tracker at the bottom of the card. One of the comments from the Metatopia convention, which mirrored something I already was thinking, was that the player did not like having to track wounds in an artificial manner. They wanted everything contained within the cards.

I felt the same way, but it took that conversation and a sudden epiphany for me on how to do it (probably not an original idea, but it was one I had not thought of for this game). Each character card will have a number of wounds at the bottom. This reflects the number and types of wounds the character can take before being removed. The cards in play will have similar wound markers on them. As you inflict wounds on an opposing character, you place cards with corresponding wounds until the whole track is filled. When the track is filled, the character is removed.

If it does not sound clear the way I typed it, it’s actually simple and seeing it once in play it will make perfect sense.


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