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Desolate Front and Lost World Lunch Updates

I promised an update after GenCon and it usually takes me a couple of weeks to let the feedback sink in and post a somewhat coherent update. So here goes, GenCon and the First Exposure Playtest Hall went extremely well for me. I can’t thank the folks from Double Exposure enough for how well they ran the hall. Their “chaos theory” of getting players to the tables works. As for how the games went, Lost World Lunch was nearing completion and it showed. The changes that the play testers brought up were minor and were mostly in regards to clarity of the images. I knew going in (from some last minute play testing the night before) that this was already going to be addressed. The game played as quickly as I wanted it to and it will make a nice interlude between bigger games.

DF_CharacterDesolate Front was much earlier in the design process so it received quite a few comments that I am still working through. Thankfully, the two groups that ran through it were quite adept at card games and provided invaluable feedback. As you can see from the image here (the image is just a placeholder as actual artwork is in development), the design for the Desolate Front cards has changed dramatically. And despite it’s simple appearance, there is a lot of information contained. That was the biggest result I found. The general mechanics were in good shape, but things needed to be simplified and I had to change my mind set from miniatures games where everything gets spelled out in long words to rules that can be gleaned just from looking at the cards.

Can you believe that contained on that card are details from 6 stats, plus wounds, plus faction. Compare that to the rough of the playtest card pictured as well, and you can see that things have gotten a lot clearer. I also increased the number of wounds from 6 to 10. Some of the combat tweaks will make it much easier to wound, but I had to make sure that you were not taken out in the first turn of the game.

So all in all, a very productive convention and I’ve been busy working on the games to get them ready for their next showing which should hopefully be at Metatopia in November.



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