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Desolate Front: Allies and Events

As convention season begins, so do the public play test events for Desolate Front. This weekend will be Dreamation in Morristown, NJ (check out their link for more information.) As such I have been getting more cards ready to try out and gauge their effect on the game. I’m showing off 2 different cards here.

Allies are cards that can be attached to a character or placed in Reserve. An Ally (or Equipment or Skill card) can be attached to a character if it has the chain links icon next to the type. When attached, they supply an attack bonus for the character of the type indicated on the card. In the case of the British First Squad, they can add either a Shoot or Brawl bonus depending on the type of Action card the character is attacking with. The same holds true for the Defend bonus. In the case of First Squad, they provide a Defense against Brawl attacks.

The other way that some Allies can be used is with Reserve. An ally capable of being held in Reserve will indicate that on the card. Since characters can be removed, it is sometimes a good plan to have an Ally in Reserve ready to take their place should the need arise. They are placed face down and cannot be targeted with normal attacks. If the character is removed due to wounds, the Ally is turned face up and placed in that position. Now, Allies are only temporary fixes, they usually only have 1 wound (indicated in the lower right corner of the card). But, they can slow down an opponent looking to take Territory.

Events are cards that can appear in the Scenario deck or your Faction deck. When in the Scenario deck either player can draw them and they are usually a bit more powerful than your Faction deck cards. In the sample shown here, the Unsettled Dead can be placed to block a player from taking a Territory by making them have to fight through the dead first, or they can be used to bolster your own attack. As these are zombies, they obviously have to be killed with head shots. Effect cards normally have a cost associated to use part of their ability. In this case, a player would have to discard a card total of 2 Brawn icons in order to place them on a Territory.

In an emergency theAlly card or Unsettled Dead card could also be used as a Defend card to block 1 Brawn attack if they happen to be in your Action Hand (not inlay as attached, Reserve, or on a Territory).