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Colorized Jade Hood

I am a big fan of Black and White images, but color is definitely the way to go. I have been working on my own colorizing skills and below is an image that will find itself being used at some point. The black and white version appeared in Thrilling Expeditions Quarterly #1. I will probably use pieces of this soon to be colorized image with the card game or in future supplements for the miniatures game. This was about 5 hours worth of work.

It still needs work and I still need to work on my shadows and highlight placement. I also need to work a bit more on rendering steel and getting flesh tones to look right. Now, the Jade Hood is supposed to be a bit jaundiced, but I am not happy with the shadows and highlights so far. It was one of the first things I worked on so I’ll probably go back and redo it later. What are your thoughts? Share them on Facebook or Twitter.



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