Cold Wars is Over, but…

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So I attended the Cold Wars convention in Lancaster PA this year for the first time in about 2 years. Things have been so hectic that I have had no time to plan convention games. I did not run anything but went just to attend and maybe hop into a few games I would not get the chance to play otherwise. I brought along my nephew (his first and probably not last Cold Wars based on his reaction after it was over — he wanted to know if the group of us could get a hotel room and stay the night to game more on Sunday).

The convention proved to be more energizing for me than I expected. Not only did I leave with a ton of new ideas for the direction of the long-gestating Thrilling Adventure Miniatures game, but I was able to talk with the guys at Miniature Building Authority and I MIGHT be able to use their terrain at GenCon and run a couple of play test games of Thrilling. I have to get in contact with the group that organizes it at GenCon, but if all works out, then I’ll be posting details on here.

Now, to get to work!