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Chapel of the Dead: Combat Example

I’m working on the full after action report of the playtest game of Chapel of the Dead. One of the things I did, though, was put together a quick example of combat. Combat is particularly easy in Thrilling Adventure. Here we see Mo and Lou, who slugged it out for most of the game, already in base contact. Lou is attacking Mo this turn. I have circled the relevant numbers in red in each image.

1) Both players announce the totals of their Stat + any bonus for abilities or Scenario effects. In this case, Mo has a Defense of 11 and Lou has a Brawl of 6.



2) Both players than determine their Action card from their Action Hand (the cards they had drawn at the beginning of the turn). In this case Mo has played a 2 Defense card and Lou has played an 8 Attack card (he uses the No Move attack number since they were already in base contact and he did not need to move). This gives Mo a total of 13 and Lou a total of 14. If there were no other cards to play, Mo would have lost the combat by 1 and Lou would draw an Action card from his Action Deck (again, this is not the Action Hand but the deck of unplayed cards his faction has) to determine the wound.



3) However, before Action Cards were revealed, Mo also played an additional card and is able to use the Bonus number on it. In this case +1, which brings his total to 14 as well and therefore he is able to block the attack by Lou.


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