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Bet you didn’t know… well neither did I

I know that all my updates have been about the Thrilling Adventure Card Game lately so it must appear to be the only thing I am working on. Well, apparently I was also working on a set of miniatures rules that I didn’t even know I was working on. It seems that in the back of my head, as I was working on the card game, I was unconsciously making the cards useful for a miniatures game. And last night, unable to sleep, I started putting it all down. And before I knew it, I had enough to put a Beta test for Thrilling Fantasy together. I am going to offer it as a FREE download while I work on it and I am hoping that people will download this quick play beta, give it a try and share their comments with me via email or posting over on our Facebook page.

The rules are very different from our original Broadsword Adventures rules. They utilize a d6 mechanic, cards, and the RPG elements are not as strong in it, though I am finding that as I work on the rules there are many places where RPG could easily be added. These rules should play faster than our other rule sets and should allow for quite a few miniatures on the board if you wish. There are a lot of concepts mentioned in the beta that don’t actually have rules yet (like spell casting). This first run at them is more for trying out the mechanics in combat and to make sure the dice and card mechanics work.

Go to the Free Downloads section of our store to download these rules.