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Action Card Information

CardI want to make sure the information on the Thrilling Adventure: Diceless Miniatures cards is clear. So, I am keeping this version fairly simple in design. The final version will probably be different with more icons. I will end up keeping the main numbers to the left edge of the card so that in your hand, you’ll always be able to see the numbers. The information to the right, you won’t need unless something happens. So what do all these numbers mean? Let’s start with the Attack and Skill Check numbers. The first number is the bonus you receive if you do not move and you attack and the number after the slash is the bonus you receive if you move your model’s base movement (all models have a base movement but we will discuss that in a second). The same applies to the Skill Check. Skill Checks are used for all those tests/events/whatever that are not combat related. Want to defuse a bomb? Make a skill check. Want to jump onto a moving car? Make a skill check. As you can see, for both Attack and Skill checks, if you move before doing them, they get tougher.

After these, is the Move bonus. If you do not attack or do something that requires a Skill Check, then you can add the Move bonus to your base move score. So if your model can normally move 4″, it could move 9″ with the Move bonus here.

Finally, there is the Defense number. If you are attacked, this is the amount you add to your model’s Defense number to try and avoid the hit.

On the other side is the Wound amount. When you hit a model in combat, you can play a card from your hand to cause the wound designated or you can have your opponent count out cards from their deck for the wound. I’ll explain this a bit more in the rules sheet.

If you draw a Morale Check instead of a Wound card, then the model draws a number of cards from their deck equal to their “level.” Normally this will be from 1 to 4 cards. The model has to draw at least one Morale Pass in order to avoid the effects of panic.

The final icon is the card bonus. If you have a low attack number and the model you are facing has a high defense number, you can add an additional card to the attack and the bonus is added to your total. This can also be used for difficult Skill Checks.

There is a bunch of space at the bottom of the card here. heroes will get bonus cards that they can add to your action deck. In this space could be special rules that apply only to the hero model if  you use the card for their action.

If you are going to GenCon in August, I’ll be running a demo using this version of the cards. I’m also, some time in the next month, going to put up a play test version of the game.

What I am finding right now is that the hardest part of the game design process is getting the numbers right. I don’t want heroes too easy to kill, but I also don’t want them so tough that the squads can’t take them down. The first couple of tests have seen the heroes tough to take down. Hopefully the next couple will change that.


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