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Snippet of text from Chronicles of New Commerce

I have been doing my best to try and find an hour to work on projects every day. And on some days more than an hour. I am working right now on getting the writing done on Chronicles of New Commerce. I shared this on Facebook, but for those who eschew social media, I am posting it here as well. It is a part where Nick Clayton (Emerson P. Balldridge’s right hand man) is stuck in an interesting situation.

As soon as the paper was in my hand, fast as a serpent strike, he grabbed my wrist. With his other hand, he fished a lighter out of his pocket, flipped it open with his thumb and struck a flame. He moved the flame toward the paper and at the time it felt agonizingly slow, but in reality it only took a second or two. I tried to release my grasp on the paper, but the strength of his grip had paralyzed my fingers. With my other hand I tried to pry his fingers loose, but that was like trying to bend iron bars. 

Before I knew it, the paper was burning rapidly toward my fingers. I struggled against the iron grip, using my whole body to try and wrench myself free, but Joe barely moved through all of it. The paper browned, then turned black and curled. Bits of ash floated away.